About Us

SGSnack.com is Singapore’s one-stop local e-commerce platform, providing convenience to tourists travelling to Singapore. Purchase all your favorite local snacks and products via our online store, you have more time to fully experience the culture of Singapore!

Typically, all of us love purchasing local delicacies and snacks during our travel, bring them home to share with friends and family. Foreign friends often have trouble locating the places to purchase the local delights or have to make multiple trips to purchase different brands of products, hence wasting precious time just by searching around.

Therefore, we created the SGSnack.com, an e-commerce platform, which aims to provide a one-stop shopping experience for friends travelling to Singapore. We consolidated many brands of popular products from Singapore to meet all your shopping needs, giving you more time to experience Singapore attractions instead.

Why choose SGSnack.com?

SGSnack.com offers the most competitive prices and reliable payment method. When you purchase with us, not only you save the efforts of carrying the goodies around, you can enjoy same day free delivery service when you spend more than S$100. Our delivery packaging is convenient for customs clearance. Reducing the effort on finding local products, you can now enjoy more time immersing in experiencing Singapore.